February 9, 2016

Court Reporting Students Post 100 Percent Pass Rate

All five students from the Alvin Community College Court Reporting program who took the recent license exam from the Texas Court Reporters Certification Board passed the test for a 100 percent pass rate.

Only 24 students in Texas took the exam with 14 passing. ACC routinely posts among the highest pass rates in the state, instructors said. ACC students who received their license include Amy Caillouet, of Alvin; Haleigh Nava, of Spring; Michelle Rodriguez, of Houston; Joanna Sagastisado, of Houston and Ehdi Sepulveda, of Katy.

“Our department is extremely proud of these students,” Court Reporting Chair Micki Kincaide said. “For most schools it’s almost unheard to have a 100 percent pass rate.”

As part of their certification as a court reporter in Texas, students must be able to write more than 200 words per minute on a stenography machine with 95 percent accuracy. The strict standards require students to put in a lot of effort in their courses, Kincaide said.

“Our students have sacrificed time from their personal lives and their families to achieve their professional goals,” she said.

Rodriguez said the exam was stressful but credits the ACC program and its instructors for preparing her.

“They make sure we’re successful outside of these walls,” she said. “I never felt more prepared.”

Houston is the sixth-largest job market for court reporters in the country. The Texas Court Reporting Association projects that there will 5,000 additional Court Reporting jobs created in the next five years. For more information about the program, call 281-756-3757 or visit

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