July 22, 2015

Physics Courses Changed

Due to extraordinary circumstances, we’ve had to reschedule Physics 1401 and Physics 1402 from the 16-week fall 2015 semester to Second Start Fall 2015 session.

The courses will not be available under the 16-week semester in WebACCESS. You must look for them in Second Start.

Fall Second Start Sept. 21 – Dec. 12 2015

Physics 1401 -01
Lecture from 8am – 9:50am T-Th in Room S-230 Instructor: Garvin Wattuhewa
Lab from 10:00am – 12:50 pm T-Th in Room S-230

Physics 1402 -01
Lecture from 8am – 9:50am M-W in Room S-262 Instructor; Garvin Wattuhewa
Lab from 10:00am – 12:50pm M-W in Room S-230

-Dora Devery, Geology Instructor and Department Chair of Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics

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