November 20, 2014

Volunteer With The EPC and Earn College Credit

Starting in the spring 2015 semester, Alvin Community College will give students a chance to participate in local government while also earning credit toward a Bachelor’s Degree.

Students can now register to take Government 2306, which is an independent study course that includes an in-depth look at Brazoria County and Texas governments.

Those who take the course also will volunteer to work with the ACC Election and Policy Center to work with candidates for the April issue of The Ballot, which is a voter guide for the May 14 municipal elections.

“Students will be making a true difference to our community through educating and informing our voters about local government elections and their importance to all of us,” said Elizabeth McLane, ACC Government chair.

The course also will cover material on the Texas Legislature, which will convene in January. Students will learn about the legislative process and how state laws impact local communities.

Students who complete the course will also be able to use it toward as credit toward a Bachelor’s Degree at another four-year institution.

The Election and Policy Center is supported by a grant from the ACC Foundation.
Registration for the 2015 spring semester is now open and will close on January 13.

Students can register at the Enrollment Services Center or online at For more information, visit the website or call 281-756-3500.

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