March 31, 2014

Want to be a Student Ambassador?

Want to know more about the Student Ambassador Program?

Do you want to have fun AND make a difference? If so, then attend one of the following Student Ambassador Information Sessions in the Student Center:

April 2nd & 8th
11am - 1pm

April 23rd
5pm - 7pm

-Great communication and presentation skills
-Outgoing personality and the ability to influence others around you
-New and creative ways to get a message out
-GPA of 2.0 or higher and enrolled in at least 12 hours at ACC for Spring Semester
-Have your own vehicle for off campus events

For more information call 281.756.3552 or visit the Student Ambassador Page.

TOP ROW: Left to right, Kara Van Winkle, Erik Hollen, Zac Davis, Grace Windsor, and Ashlyn Turner

BOTTOM ROW: Left to right, Ashley Mello, Krista Weaver, then it skips down to Kelly VanGelder, Saydi Wollney, and Michelle Manuel

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