December 11, 2013

What People Say About Marley

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (8:00 pm) are the last performances of Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol. It is a very different take on a very old Christmas story. Here’s what people are saying about the show:

“The most visually stunning theatre I’ve seen in years. Wow!”

“At first I didn’t understand the narration, but after a while I began to enjoy it”

“Not my cup of tea; I’m a traditionalist. But the acting was really good.”

“Definitely the strangest way of celebrating holiday cheer. I truly loved the uniqueness of the play”

“We have great actors! I have been bragging about how great the ACC theatre group is.”

“It was so refreshing to have something new and different. The acting was fantastic!”

“Spooky, well-acted, but most of all original.”

“Fantastic! I really enjoyed it!”

So if you are interested in a really different approach to the story of Marley and Scrooge, come see us.

The box office is open 12-1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and tickets are available online.

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