November 12, 2013

Energy Editor Position

Check out this job opportunity with IHS, an energy analysis firm in Houston.

Title: Senior Editor

Summary: Research, write and edit daily, weekly and monthly oil and gas newsletters and other related publications. Analyze and interpret trends and activity in the upstream oil and gas industry. Make presentations to customers and be customer oriented.

General Job Duties:

-Researches, writes, edits and lays out daily, weekly, and monthly IHS oil and gas newsletters and other publications

-Analyzes and interprets trends and activity in the oil and gas industry

-Performs routine writing and editing tasks and supervises copy prepared by others

-Executes design, layout and paste-up of newsletters and other publications ensuring that all assigned products ate delivered to Printing by established daily deadlines

-Works with various IHS resources (e.g. maps, databases, well histories), departments and businesses to prepare accurate stories. Conducts range of research chores

-Develops and works with both industry sources and in-house sources in gathering and researching material

-Serves as front-line quality assurance for IHS data

-Proactive in maintaining and improving standards of quality in products and data content

-Responds to customer needs and develops customer network

Learn more and apply online.

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